Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Process of Aggravation

...So from what I understand, the first post on a blog should go something like this: "Hi, I'm Kris. This is my new blog and I hope you read it." This one is not going to start that way...
I woke up this morning with a positive outlook. I was running late for my first class, as usual, which just happened to be Western Civ (a class I never mind being late for). Yes, life was good, and continued to be for the rest of the day. Around two o'clock this afternoon, however, everything went down hill.
In order for the rest of the story to be comprehended, I must first explain previous occurrences. To get the oil changed in my car costs $40. To change it myself costs $20. About a year ago I got my dad to show me how to change it myself and have been doing so since that time. It is actually a pretty easy task, and at least I know that if my aspirations to be a lawyer ever fall through, I could possibly apply for employment at the local Jiffy Lube. I have changed it at least six or seven times without any problems. The previous fact will be of importance later in the story.
Last night I got off of work about 9:30 p.m. I knew that I would not have time to pick up the supplies to change my oil today, so I chose to stop by Walmart and get the necessary items. I usually buy all of my auto parts at Autozone, but Walmart is the only retailer open past nine at night. After standing in line for the ONLY available checkout counter for around ten minutes, I was finally able to purchase the following items: a $6 dollar oil filter and a $13 dollar, five quart container of engine oil. Just the usual stuff.
After school today I came home, put on some old clothes, got all the tools I needed together and began my project. For anyone who doesn't know how to change engine oil, I will illustrate. First, you must drain the oil. You do this by removing the drain plug- a nut located at the bottom of the engine- and allowing all of the oil to drain out. The next step is to replace the oil filter. This is accomplished by using an oil filter wrench. It is important to make sure the old filter's seal is not still suctioned to where it is connected at the bottom of the engine. The final steps are pretty straightforward. Fasten the new filter and the drain plug, and then pour the amount of oil that your car requires in. This project should usually take no more than thirty minutes.
Around 2:30 I was finished and ready to move on to something more desirable, like a nap or sticking pins in my eyes. I turned the car on and suddenly heard a terrible slurping noise. This is the moment when the entire day went downhill. It seems that the seal on the filter malfunctioned and broke, consequently spitting oil all over the ground and the bottom of my car. What... a whirlwind. My first reaction was to jump in my Dad's truck and drive to Walmart and scream at someone in the automotive section. I instead chose to call first to make sure there wouldn't be any problems getting my money back for the defective part. After being put on hold by Rashaun for 6 minutes, I gave up hope and drove to town. After speaking with customer service, calling Rashaun a jackass, and finding no help from the manager in the automotive section, I resorted to calling the district manager...
...After explaining my situation, I came to a realization: Walmart does not care about their customers. I mean, Why should they? Even if I'm ticked off today because they ripped me off with a filter, I will still end up going back there eventually. And so will the rest of America. It's a really sad day when the company that screws us over continually is the same company we could not function without. After being informed that their was nothing he could do to help, other than refunding me the $6 I spent on the filter, I chose to keep my dignity. I politely thanked Walmart's district manager for absolutely no help (I literally said, "Thank you for not helping me"). I also seem to remember something along the lines of "suck it" coming out of my mouth, but I can never be sure of what I say in the heat of the moment. Either way, he didn't seem to mind much. Honestly though, this was to be expected. This is the same company who prints "How May I Help You" on their vests because their associates are too lazy to ask you themselves. On the bright side, I saved enough money changing my oil myself to cover the cost of the defective filter and wasted oil. ;)



  1. Bless your heart Kristopher :) id have to say that was a pretty bad description of a day. i can see you now, up there all pissed off and all. wish i could of been there :)haha well hope tomorrow is a much better day for you!!!