Thursday, October 27, 2011


Fear of man is a curious thing. Never give it sanction, lest you be consumed. This irrational fear has motivated the construction of a wall. You built it from the materials of this fear, and you built it over time. Upon completion of the first wall, another was constructed to accompany it, and then another, and another, and a roof. Even behind your walls, I can see and sense the fear, the pain, and the confusion that you hide so well from others (They have no idea). For you, I feel no anger, frustration, or malice- only bewilderment, and only love. You, who possess a world full of endless possibilities- A world that is driven by hope and love, find yourself trapped inside a prison cell of your own making. I spend my days barred from your prison, but night- when you need me most- you will let me in, and I will come. After dark, I creep in, I begin to tear down the brick and mortar you constructed so carefully, and work to free you from these walls that you so wish so terribly to be removed. With each new dawn, I find the walls mended, and you contentedly sitting in your prison. I find my hands nicked, and sore, bruised, and bloodied. I cannot free you precious, though my love for you compels me to. You can only free yourself.

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