Sunday, March 29, 2009

The List

Today I realized that I have a lot of things about myself that I hate. I believe that everyone has them, however. These are the things that make me doubt myself and keep me from being the person that I want to be; things that it is seriously time to let go of. Because of this I am making a list. It is really long and growing every minute. Some of the things on the list are small, but some of them run pretty deep and are things I have dealt with most of my life. I'm listing them all- big and small.

So here is the task that I have challenged myself with: 1. List everything about myself and in my life that I would like to be different. 2. Carry the list everywhere to remind me of the things I am working on during the day. 3. Pray about the list daily. 4. When I have dealt with and resolved each and every item I will burn the list and move on.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet. And everyone has things in their life they would like to be different. I think anyone could benefit from this. I challenge you to join me.

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